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Touchscreen Rental and Touch-menu Case Study – Allsop

Allsop is an independent property consultancy, best-known as the UK’s largest and most successful property auction house. Allsop required a touchscreen kiosk with touchscreen software for one their prestigious property auctions, so attendees could visit their online property auction website and view the property brochure for the auction.

What was done

We provided a Slimline Kiosk with full branding. We also created a touch-menu; a homepage that enabled users to easily link to the online auction website or the property brochure. The website was white-listed, so users could not access other websites. The PDF brochure was turned into a digital page-turner, so users could swipe through the pages like reading a book. The entire application was locked-down. So it was ready to plug and play and users could not exit the application and access the desktop.

We delivered the touchscreen kiosk on the day, with branding applied and software set-up. We connected the kiosk to the venue wifi and made sure everything worked perfectly. The touchscreen kiosk with a tailored touch-menu was seen as great addition to the event. It increased user engagement, advertised the online auction website and made the event even more modern and professional.

Excellent customer service and a high quality product.

Marketing and PR Manager


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