Case Study


Touchscreen Rental and Kiosk Software Case Study – Lidl

Lidl required touchscreen kiosks with kiosk software to help deliver a major employee survey. The touchscreen kiosks were to be based at Lidl’s main distribution centres. The majority of employees did not have access to a PC at work, so the touchscreen kiosks were designed to give all employees the opportunity to access their online employee survey.

What was done

We provided 18 Slimline Kiosks with kiosk software, fully branded with Lidl’s branding. The branding was designed by Lidl and printed onto magnets, which could be re-used for future projects. We delivered two touchscreen kiosks to each distribution centre across the UK. At each location we set-up the touchscreen kiosks in communal areas like the canteen and connected to the WiFi network.

Lidl used their own online survey and we provided content control kiosk software, so users couldn’t access the PC desktop or other websites. The kiosk software also meant that the touchscreen kiosks only had to be switched on for them to work; no other set-up was required. We set the kiosk software up so it played a screensaver loop of attractor images, encouraging employees to take part. Using the kiosk software we provided a remote monitoring service, so we could view the touchscreen kiosks online in real-time. This meant we could monitor which touchscreen kiosks were online and which were being used, and provide key usage and performance stats. We sent usage weekly stats, with a summary report at the end of the project.

At the end of the rental period we collected the touchscreen kiosks from the locations across the UK. The project was a real success, with nearly 800 survey responses.

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