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Mischief PR

Touchscreen Rental and Touchscreen Contact Form Case Study – Mischief PR

Mischief PR required a touchscreen kiosk with touchscreen contact form for one of their client’s exhibition stands. The idea was that the touchscreen kiosk would make the stand interactive and modern, and capture leads.

What was done

We provided a Slimline Kiosk, fully branded with the client’s branding using branded magnets. The branded magnets were reusable, so they could be used again for future events at no extra cost. For the software, we created a touchscreen contact form based on the client’s design. The touchscreen contact form asked a basic multiple choice question and captured the user’s key details. The touchscreen contact form worked offline and saved data locally, so no internet connection was required. The touchscreen contact form had screen saver messages to attract users. The touchscreen contact form was ‘locked-down’ so users could not navigate to the PC desktop or surf the web.

We set-up the software on the touchscreen kiosk prior to delivery. On the delivery day we delivered and set-up the kiosk, applying the branded magnets. The touchscreen kiosk was set into autostart mode, so it only needed to plugged in and it was ready to go. At the end of the event we collected the kiosk and immediately provided the client with their saved data on a USB memory stick.

The touchscreen kiosk with a touchscreen contact form worked brilliantly for the client, who used it for the rest of their events in the year. Once developed, the client was able to re-use the touchscreen contact form and branded kiosk magnets at for other events, without having to pay a software fee and branding fee every time.

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