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Slater Gordon

Touchscreen Rental and Touchscreen Quiz Case Study – Slater Gordon

Slater and Gordon are one of the UK’s largest law firms with expert Solicitors in 27 locations across England, Scotland and Wales. Slater Gordon required a touchscreen kiosk with touchscreen quiz for their exhibition stand at the Business Show. The idea was the touchscreen kiosk with touchscreen quiz would give their exhibition stand a modern look and make it interactive. It would attract visitors and the touchscreen quiz would act as a light-hearted conversation starter.  Behind the scenes, the touchscreen quiz would also help measure delegates’ understanding of some common legal issues for UK businesses, as well as capture key contact details.

What was done

We provided a Slimline Kiosk for Slater Gordon’s exhibition stand. We also provided branding magnets, so the touchscreen kiosk with fully branded with Slater Gordon’s branding. The branded magnets were reusable, so they can be used again for future events at no extra cost.

For the software, we created a bespoke touchscreen quiz. Slater Gordon provided the questions and answers and we did the rest. We designed the touchscreen quiz using Slater Gordon’s branding and to match the design of the touchscreen kiosk. The touchscreen quiz existed of 8 multiple choice questions. The user simply had to select their choice by touching the screen. Following the answer the touchscreen quiz displayed the correct answer with an explanation, before moving onto the next questions. At the end of the touchscreen quiz the user was invited to enter a prize draw to win a cricket bat signed by Alistair Cook, the England cricket captain.

The touchscreen quiz worked offline, so no internet connection was required. The touchscreen quiz answers, scores and contact details were saved on the kiosk. At the end of the event the data from the touchscreen quiz was sent to Slater Gordon in a simple Excel spreadsheet.

The touchscreen kiosk with a touchscreen quiz was well received by delegates. It increased user engagement and helped make the Slater Gordon exhibition space stand out from the crowd.

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