Case Study


Online Shopping Kiosk Case Study – Suzuki

Suzuki required a touchscreen kiosk to be used as an online shopping kiosk, for their exhibition stand at Motorcycle Live. The online shopping kiosk was to be used in the retail shop on Suzuki’s stand, giving visitors access to the full range of products online, not just those stocked in the shop that day.

What was done

We provided a Slimline Kiosk with kiosk software to create an online shopping kiosk, fully branded with Suzuki’s logo. The branding was designed by Suzuki and printed onto magnets. The branded magnets could be re-used for future projects. We delivered the online shopping kiosk to Suzuki’s stand and set everything up. We connected the online shopping kiosk to the venue WiFi. The online shopping kiosk displayed Suzuki’s online eBay shop. We provided content control kiosk software, so users couldn’t access the PC desktop or other websites. The online software was configured to timeout and reload the homepage after 2 minutes. It automatically deleted the cache, logging out the last user so the next user could not login as a previous user. The online shopping kiosk only had to be switched on for them to work; no other set-up was required. At the end of the rental period we collected the online shopping kiosk from the event.

The online shopping kiosk was a valuable addition to Suzuki’s retail shop on their stand. As well as enabling users to make purchases from their online shop, it also promoted the online shop for users when they left the event.

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