Touch menu

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  • Marketing campaigns
  • Brand engagement & promotions
  • Events & exhibitions
  • Data capture & surveys

Branded homepage that seamlessly links to your content

A touch-menu acts as homepage with a tailored design, which links to your content in a seamless and touch-friendly way. Rather than having to switch between programs – tabs on a browser, PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations or files on the desktop, a Touch Menu enables users to access different from one page. Everything is locked down to only the content you allow, So users can’t access the desktop or start surfing the web. The touch-menu is ideal for exhibitions, website launches and roadshows.

Touch Menu – £250+VAT

  • Branded homepage using your design
  • Open specific webpages
  • Play videos
  • Flick through image galleries
  • Swipe through PowerPoint presentations
  • Flip through PDF documents like reading a book
  • Contact form that saves data locally

The homepage attracts users and enables them to navigate your content in touch friendly way. It enables users to simply link to your website pages, PDF brochure or other content in ‘locked-down’ mode. It can deeplink to sections of your website or link to different sites.

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