Case Study

Jag Hunjan

42″ Touchscreen Rental and Touch-menu Case Study – Jag Hunjan

Jag Hunjan Production Services provide creative event solutions for bespoke brand experiences. They needed to hire four 42″ Touchscreens for the stand they were designing for a leading fashion brand at Graduate Fashion Week. They also required touchscreen software with the client’s branding to seamlessly link to key content.

What was done

We provided four 42″ Touchscreens for rental, with a sleek ‘giant-tablet’ style design. The 42″ Touchscreens were wall-mounted on the temporary exhibition stand. As the client’s content was media-rich, with multiple videos and pod-casts, we provided an external, high specification Mini-PC for each touchscreen. Jag Hunjan designed the stand so that the Mini-PCs and connecting cables were completely hidden from view, while we fixed and ran the cables to make sure everything worked perfectly. For audio, headphones were plugged into each Mini-PC so users could have a private audio experience.

So users could seamlessly navigate content, we developed a Touch-Menu. Jag Hunjan provided the design to keep in with the client’s branding and we carried out the touchscreen software development and testing. The Touch Menu acted as a branded homepage, with images that linked to the client’s content. Content included videos, podcasts and websites. Everything was ‘locked-down’ so users could not escape the application, navigate to other websites or access the PC desktop.

The event ran smoothly and the 42″ Touchscreens were extremely popular amongst the largely student and graduate target audience.

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