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Touchscreen Software Design & Development


Our touchscreen software design and development team create Interactive Experiences with a wow-factor! We take your idea or touchscreen software requirement and bring it to life. Our touchscreen software typically falls into 3 categories…

One Page Touch-Menu + Data Capture

Branded homepage linking to your content

A Touch-Menu acts as ‘homepage’ with a tailored design, which links to your content in a seamless, self-service and touch-friendly way. Rather than having to switch between messy programs on the desktop, a Touch-Menu enables users to access different pieces of content from one page.

  • Branded homepage
  • Open websites
  • Play videos in fullscreen
  • Flick through image galleries
  • Swipe through PowerPoint presentations
  • Flipbook PDFs
  • Contact form that saves data locally

Prices from £1,100+VAT

Multi-Page Interactive Experience

Multiple layers embedding your content

A multi-page Interactive Experience has several layers, bringing together all of your content in one seamless application. Imagine a ‘website’ with a completely bespoke design that’s specifically designed for your large format touchscreen, with hundreds of slick multi-touch features and visual effects.

  • Bespoke design with your branding
  • Embed multiple pages of content
  • Pinch and zoom image galleries
  • Play videos
  • Flipbook PDFs
  • Swipe through PowerPoint presentations
  • Embed specific webpages
  • Collect customer contact information

Prices from £2,750+VAT

Bespoke Touchscreen Application

New software with complex functionality

We create bespoke touchscreen applications based on your requirement. Typically a bespoke touchscreen application is for when your software needs to do something functional, or transactional, beyond simply presenting your existing content. Examples include:

  • Event breakout session exercises
  • Product searches and portfolios
  • Product demonstrations
  • Corporate presentations
  • Interactive timelines
  • Interactive Maps
  • Information guides
  • Brand engagement experiences
  • Retail experiences
  • Data capture and integration

 Prices from £2,750+VAT

Multi-touch software with a ‘wow-factor’.

Touchscreen Software for Events

Touchscreen software design and development is different to standard web-development. There are unique challenges when creating touchscreen software, from user interface and user experience, to touch gestures and functionality. It takes experience to pre-empt them and expertise to overcome them. There are also exciting features only available to touchscreen software that can often be complicated and expensive, but if you have the know-how they become easier and more cost-effective.

Developing touchscreen software for events is also different. Software might only need to work for one day, but it has to work perfectly! There’s no room for bugs and multiple releases, like standard development projects. Deadlines are fixed and budgets are tight. It requires a specialist development partner that’s primed for short notice projects and that works to fixed prices. This is exactly what we do! By choosing us as your touchscreen software design and development partner, you get a stunning touchscreen software application that works, is robust, is within budget and delivered to deadline.

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Bespoke Touchscreen Applications

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