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Branded Touchscreen Games for Events & Marketing Campaigns

Branded touchscreen mini games are a fun and effective way of engaging customers with your brand. At exhibitions branded touchscreen games attract people to your stand. At product launches and promo events branded touchscreen games help create unforgettable brand experiences. For marketing campaigns branded touchscreen games extend reach and increase leads.

We create bespoke touchscreen games from scratch, for those projects that need something new and different. We also provide a range of cost-effective, pre-made mini games. These are touchscreen games for which we have already built the back-end functionality and front-end features, making it quicker and more cost-effective to develop. However, we know every brand is different, so every touchscreen game has a fully customised design with your branding and content.

Bespoke Games

Prices from £1,100-£50,000+VAT

3D Running Game

Prices from £2,750+VAT

Reaction Game

Prices from £2,750+VAT

3D Bounce Game

Prices from £2,750+VAT

Drag & Drop Games

Prices from £2,750+VAT

Memory Card Game

Prices from £2,750+VAT


Spin the Wheel

Prices from £2,750+VAT

Interactive games that get results
Tried and tested user journey

We create touchscreen games that are quick to engage and fun and easy to play. Our games and are focused on gettting high volumes of users in short periods of time. Each touchscreen game includes our tried and tested user journey:

  1. Attractor Loop (screensaver to attract users)
  2. Contact form
  3. Game instructions
  4. Game with countdown
  5. Results page with option for sharing via Twitter
  6. Onscreen leaderboard

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