Case Study


42″ Touchscreen Rental and Flipbook Case Study – UCL

UCL is London’s leading multidisciplinary university. They required a touchscreen for an exhibition for the annual Bloomsbury Festival, mainly hosted on the university campus. With the festival theme of language and in connected with UCL’s research, UCL created a book entitled ‘Being a Language Broker’. It tells the stories of a group of young people who are are translators and interpreters for family,friends and their local community. UCL wanted to way to make the book come alive and had the idea of displaying the PDF version of the book on a large screen.

What was done

We recommended a 42″ Touchscreen rental with a Unicol Lectern stand. Our touchscreen software team also recommend creating a flipbook, rather than just displaying a standard PDF on the screen. We turned UCL’s PDF into an interactive book that people could read by swiping through pages, just like a real book. The book was displayed in fullscreen and completely locked down, so users could not access the desktop or other applications. After a period of inactivity the book automatically flipped back to the front page.

We delivered and set-up the 42″ Touchscreen, making sure everything was working perfectly. Likewise, at the end of the festival we packed everything up and collected. The 42″ Touchscreen  was a huge hit with visitors, particularly the teenage and young adult audience, and helped made the exhibition more interactive.

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